4 comments on “Do Christians ever go to hell?

  1. What are you talkin about? Ever Christian I’ve ever met thinks they deserve hell, but by the grace of God believes they will be spared that fate. I am so sick of all you annoying God Haters constantly bashing Christians! It’s getting lame, your beating a dead horse, yes they are bad Christians, just like they are bad Atheists, Muslims, Tourists, Janitors ETCCCCC. Shut the F*** up already, they is more important things to try to solve than “Christians are bad, lets say as many ass backwards things we can about them…BLAH BLAH BLAH” We GET IT, The WHOLE F****IN WORLD GETS IT, I’m not gonna waste my time defending every “Christian’s” actions to every A**hole who has a gripe. God’s Real, Jesus’ Real, Hell’s Real (maybe not like you described) JUST MY OP. I don’t need to waste my time bitchin at atheists all day though! UMMM, guess I just did 🙂 You Win

    • Hi SoulPhiya,

      Well, your experiences are very different to mine, then. I have personally witnessed a number of Christians do reprehensible things, without once examining who they are, what they believe in, and what the logical outcome — if what they believe is true — will be.

      As far as I can tell, most Christians think of themselves as ‘saved’, regardless of the way they behave. And, sadly, I know desperately few Christians who are attempting to live a Christ-like existence. Perhaps I would be more patient with Christianity if more Christians were truly Christian. As it is, my patience is wearing thin, and your rant didn’t do a lot to help.

      Also, please learn some basic grammar and spelling; it matters.

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